images-7The following comments provide a glimpse of the positive healing work that Ascending Angels, with the guidance and Divine Light-Love energy from the Ascended Masters and Archangels, have been able to bring to those they have met or connected with in either a workshop or healing environment.


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Your comments…


“Just wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful light vibrastional healing attunement CD I bought from you at one of your workshops in London (which was also fab by the way).  Anyway, it is wonderful and I use it on a regular basis and find it very uplifting and magical.  I hope I am able to connect with you again soon as I need to do some more CPD (Continous Professional Development).” Jenny. UK


“Thank you for Sunday – Angelic Healing Workshop & Angelic Attunement – words fail me really, but as with your last workshop my experiences were an almost unbelievable answer to hopes, prayers and longings held for as long as I can remember.”  Michelle, UK


“As of today I am clear of pain as though the sciatica was never there. That’s my little miracle for now and I hope it will last and last and last. Thanks for your generous heart and healing hands.” Dorothy, UK


“Thank-you so much for your warm and encouraging email. It means so much to me.  You are very special and I deeply respect your work.”  Cheryl, UK


“Hi Donna,  Well done on attuning so many people. I have told many about you and the power of both the attunement and the treatment. I just wanted to say thanks to you and to Caroline. It was a remarkable and powerful experience.” Pamela, UK


“After the Ascension Attunement that I was given when I went to Mind Body Spirit Show I felt a huge improvement in my well being and I could feel clearly the connections with my guides and angels.” Hazel, UK


“I’m very impressed by your way of healing. Not only because of this strong healing energy that you are channelling, even more because I see that your work rises up from the core of Love. This is, in my opinion, the strongest healing energy in this Universe.” Andrea, Spain


“I thought I would leave just a few days to see how things settled, and I wanted to let you know what’s happening. Wonderfully, I feel subtly connected, and I am really enjoying this. I feel less alone and exhausted at having to make things happen. So thank you so much for that, both of you. Thanks again, I really have benefited and enjoyed very much your wonderful energy in leading the group with such warmth and humour.” Har Hari Kaur, UK


“Thanks so much for the healing: After talking to you I felt very well and yesterday I had so much love and softness within me. I was so friendly to all people. It was wonderful. Amazing, how could you do that! I am thinking about coming to England next year to attend your workshop. I want to know more about that.” Xiling, Germany


“As I had mentioned, when I received the meditation, my printer was out of ink and so I wrote down the meditation, and it worked fine. I could feel the energy, and the butterflies in my body, and I felt such lightness later that was wonderful, but it was all a little vague feeling and subtle. Well, last weekend, after the ink cartridge had been replaced, I decided to print out the meditation and use that version and the results have been simply amazing! My whole body feels electrified and the vibration is very strong, and my body has even jumped a few times, as it said I might. When I am finished, I feel like my entire body is completely filled with LOVE, which is the most wonderful feeling.  I feel so complete and so loved and so whole and so wonderful. So I just had to share this and thank you and Archangel Tzaphkiel again.” Janelle, USA


“Thank you very much for all the love you bestowed upon me, and for being so open and full of love, for seeing past all the illusions of this world.” Tania, UK


“Thank you so much for a wonderful day. Isn’t life beautiful when  complete strangers can open up their lives and heart to one another in the presence of god and feel safe, even in an unfamiliar space, knowing there is no judgement only unconditional love. I went home very light and airy and yet very grounded.” Yvonne, UK


“Just a quick message to let you know that today i feel so much lighter, something has shifted I’m sure. Thanks for all your support with this and for introducing me to the angelic realms.” Lizz, UK


“Receiving the first ascension attunement has been a life-changing experience for me. It’s difficult to express what a huge difference it has made in my life and my journey of self-healing. . Since receiving the first attunement, I spend time daily connecting with the Ascended Masters and Ascension Healers and find that the more I connect with them the more I am able to cleanse, clear, and release the negative emotions. I feel my body, heart and mind are all being healed and I am able to let go of pain and sadness and to forgive.  The more I release, the greater the sense of peace and love I feel. I no longer feel alone and the emptiness in my heart is now filled with unconditional love. Now I can see the wonderfulness in life. It’s truly wonderful to feel a closer connection to the angelic realm. To call upon the Ascended Masters and Ascension Healers to help loved ones is such a blessing. This has been a time of great healing for me, and I’ll forever feel grateful.” Sincerely, Jan, USA


“Hi Donna and Caroline, many thanks for the workshop on Saturday, I have felt the energy quite strongly since then and the healing continues.” Anne, UK


“The workshop and the ascensions worked tremendously. thanks again! :).” Julie, USA


“I wanted to tell you about the Archangel Tzaphkiel meditation it’s amazing, the first time I did it I felt my base chakra opening which was quite unexpected and extraordinary. The second time I did it I was very relaxed and it was very powerful, my body expelled stuff.  I haven’t really experienced conciously letting go of anything, but if I say ”show me what I need to clear” the ”expelling’ process starts.  I love the feeling of saying all the bits at the end – it is just beautiful.” Michele, UK


“Caroline exudes a calm and tranquillity which immediately put me at ease both before, during and most importantly after the healing session. Each session started with an opportunity for me to speak with Caroline about the issue which I felt should receive attention, followed by a healing session on the couch. The time spent with Caroline was invaluable as she not only succeeded in drawing out the crux of the matter, but pin pointed areas which required work and highlighted emotional ties that could be released. Feeling the warmth and love that Caroline channels has provided me with greater spiritual support than I have ever experienced.” Ellen, UK


“After reading with interest the Ascending Angels website, I clicked on Distance Healing and requested a loving healing energy be sent to my twenty-year-old son. I explained that my son has epilepsy, speech problems, and that his brain processes information slower than average, which makes learning difficult for this hardworking college student. I mentioned that he’s a sweet kid and I would love for him to be free of these problems that he’s struggled with for most of his life. I soon received a kind response from Caroline saying that a divine healing direct from the Ascended Masters is being brought to my son and they are working to clear negative pathways in his brain and that although it may seem that he is struggling, he has great purpose and I should be proud of him. I was so pleased to read these words, and was cautiously hopeful, but I didn’t mention any of this to my son. Well, nine days later, my son called and said that his brain is working better. He said he can’t explain it, but thinking and concentrating seem to be easier. He even had to lower his seizure medication because it was too strong. I spent last weekend with my son and his eyes are clear, bright and sparkly and he seems especially happy with his life. I think this is a fabulous affirmation of the wonderful work Caroline and Donna are doing and how much the angels and Ascended Masters are helping. I am deeply grateful.” Client, USA

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