New for 2016 – God/Goddess Vortex Light Healing Meditations & Course


This is a new concept of healing energy, channelled with the love-light of the Gods and
Goddesses of Earth.  This ancient healing vibration can now be accessed and awoken into our being through a process of receiving 12 keys or codes that when flowed through the body activate our being to channel and bring healing light with the Vortex Light into our multi-dimensional bodies.


‘Gosh I love this Healing (meditation) and how you have communicated this so astonishingly beautifully. It really felt as if Goddess Yemanja energy healing meditation truly distilled/watered/unveiled out really hidden but self cherished sacred parts of me inside and potential to become outside and I loved it, beautiful, and makes me feel really effectively healing refreshingly me.’


Commencing on each full moon a meditation is sent to you for you to listen to and follow images-12for approximately 21 days, during this time your body will absorb the codes that are within the meditation and clear/cleanse any disillusions so that you can channel each wave or vibration of healing light.  When you receive the final 13th code/meditation this then brings the whole aspect of Vortex Light to life – it harmonises throughout all your multi-dimensional bodies and brings a fast flow of energy that you are then able to access and channel.


This course commenced on the full moon of May 2016, yet you can join us at any time as we are channelling each meditation transmission in time for each full moon following.  The exchange for this 13 moon cycle transmission course is £333 for all 13 transmissions.  Alternatively, you may purchase each meditation transmission on each full moon for a fee of £33 per monthly full moon.  If, at any point, you wish to take a break or have any questions please do email us.


Payment options

The 12 Keys of Vortex Light


We recommend these meditations are listened to in order and that you
allow at least 21 days between each meditation, our suggestion is that you listen to the meditation on the full moon and therefore allow 13 moons to complete the course, giving your body time to absorb and balance between each meditation.


1. Goddess Yemanja Meditation Transmission – Now available

Unknown-3Connecting with her Divine Mother presence the Goddess Yemanja heals with the element of water, she purges blocked or hidden emotions that are residing in the body and causing disharmony whilst holding you in a loving, healing space.  This the blue wave/ray of light begins the process of receiving Vortex Light and awakens the cells of the body to activating the ancient codes hidden within.


Click here for a sample of the Goddess Yemanja meditation.


2. God Odin Meditation Transmission – Now available

images-13Here we find the father of all fathers, connecting with his Divine Father presence the God Odin heals with the element of earth, he purges our fears of being here upon the Earth, our childhood fears of being unsafe and balances our masculine energies throughout our entire being. This is the brown wave/ray of light and activates our connection to Earth to receive Vortex Light from the Earth below.


Click here for a sample of the God Odin meditation.



3. Goddess Quan Yin Meditation Transmission – Now available

Unknown-4This, the essence of the Mother, Quan Yin comes forth the bring a pink ray/wave of light into the heart, her feminine form blesses the body to release from within illusions of judgment of the body. She helps to guide us to love our body in its entirety, all aspects of our form and helps us to let go of seeking approval for our appearance.  She is the element of love, of physicality and with her vibrational energy comes the awakening of feeling the Vortex Light flow through the cells of our physical body.


Click here for a sample of the Goddess Quan Yin Meditation


4. God Brahma Meditation Transmission – Now available

Creator of Life, this vessel of Divine Wisdom comes forth in this meditation to enlighten and uplift.  HUnknown-5e is one with the trees and his roots run deep into Earths core.  This ray of light is deep green in colour and breathes ancient life into our roots. He is the element of wisdom and with his powerful wave/ray of light distorted beliefs are cleansed and karmic patterning released.


Click here for a sample of the God Brahma Meditation


5. Goddess Isis Meditation Transmission – Now available

images-8The feminine Creator of Life, a vessel for rebirth and transformation.  Isis comes forth with her magical energy of creation to empower the masculine/feminine balance from within the multi-dimensional body.  Cleansing indoctrinations, old contracts, vows, promises that hold you in a state of disharmony with the free flow of Earth-Light energy.  She is the element of transformation and her violet wave/ray of light empowers the opportunity to transform – let your wings unfold and fly free.


Click here for a sample of the Goddess Isis Meditation


6. God Mider Meditation Transmission – available from October 2016

He dances with the faeries and spirits of elemental earth, his spirit flows through all the worldly realms and he is a portal to the spirit world.  With this silver wave/ray of light Mider awakens and eimages-9nhances our connection to the spirit world, his key accesses our communication with our ancestors and with the other, older realms/kingdoms of Earth.  Cleansing our fears of the past and transforming our beliefs of the future – this wave begins the process of releasing fears of birth and death.

Click here for a sample of the God Mider meditation.


7. Goddess Anu Meditation Transmission – available from November 2016

images-10She is of the moon, the stars and the sun.  She is everywhere and everyone. Anu will speak with you, she is of the faeries and spirits of earth, she is the illumined one and once again there is balance and harmony.  This is the grey wave/ray of light that Anu brings forth.  She is stone and graphite, she is rock and she is strong.  Anu carries wisdom and is eternal,  her ancient strength cleanses our mortal being and reminds us of our spiritual immortality.  She aids us in accessing wisdom carried forth from our ancestors as well as connecting more deeply with the ancient elementals.



8. God Amun Ra Meditation Transmission – available from December 2016

images-11He is of the sun, he is spirit and light. His wings help us to take flight.  With the energy of Ra our eyes are opened to the truth of life, of spirit, of divinity.  Empowering us with his God ray of Golden light the Amun Ra focusses on our intuitive vision, our ability to see/sense the truth as well as speaking our truth.  With this key we begin to unlock the vision of Vortex Light healing and really begin to empower the codes within the cells of our body to feel the flow of Vortex Light.



9. Goddess Sarai Meditation Transmission – available from January 2017

images-12This ancient Divine Mother is the Goddess of Seasons, she empowers within the cycle of life, bringing closure to the past and awakening new beginnings. Her amber wave/ray of light focusses on our sacral chakra, allowing the flowering of new ideas and beliefs.  Let the Goddess Sarai help you manifest abundance and cosmic flow of creation into your life journey.  She is the huntress, she is strong, wise and practical.



10. God Zeus Meditation Transmission – available from February 2017

Unknown-8The almighty Father of the Gods brings forth Divine Father energy to guide you on your path of spiritual wisdom and eternal evolution.  This is the stellar ray of cosmic light, it is the sapphire wave/ray of illumined energy and its powerful Vortex Light codes deeply transform the very essence of your inner realm of existence.  Zeus channels a deep wisdom to the very core of your being, he channels through your stellar lineage to raise your vibrational energy bodies to their highest potential.



11. Goddess Lakshmi Meditation Transmission – available from March 2017

images-14One with the natural elements of Earth, the Goddess Lakshmi smiles upon you and brings forth a cosmic ray of golden greens and yellows.  Her peaceful, gentle energy now settles and calms the codes that have be received before hers. Her wave or ray being that of balance and joy.  With Divine Mother love she holds her hand out to you and brings you close into a nurturing embrace.  Focusing on the inner child the wise Lakshmi energises the codes of Vortex Light to transform him/her to release all beliefs of responsibility so that the child can be free to have fun and be joyful. Flowers and plants are blessed by the Lakshmi and they may seem brighter, smell better and you may experience a deeper desire to be in nature with this energy ray.



12. God Shiva Meditation Transmission – available from April 2017

Embodying the masculine/feminine energies Shiva comes forth as a transcendental being of light, with the full balance of energies so that he is not man or woman but a combinatio
n of both.  This powerful ray is deep red in colour and focusses on our understanding of the feminine/masUnknown-6culine aspects of our form to bring balance and empower these to enhance our truth, our being to inspire our journey of love-light and manifest abundance and oneness with the Earth.  A ray or wave of awakening, this energy ray brings balance to all of our multi-dimensional bodies of existence and may bring into consciousness bodies we have not yet awoken.  A powerful ray and one which may induce a deep cleansing process.



13. The Mother Gaia Meditation Transmission – available from May 2017

Unknown-7This final ray of rainbow colours brings all the Vortex Light rays into one embodiment. Merging with all our multi-dimensional bodies this final key/code awakens the fast flowing energy of Vortex Light, this now flowing through every single cell of our being and with focus of intent we can allow this to flow through others (with permission) to bring a deep and powerful healing.  The Mother Gaia nurtures all our bodies of consciousness and blesses us with her most ancient wisdom of healing Earth-Light.


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