Earth Light Reiki


Blessed through the lineage of the Ascended Masters we are delighted to share with you this new energy of Reiki.  It is described as Earth Light as it recognises and honours both our physical or Earthly self and also our spiritual or Light self, combining the two as one and integrating these completely.


Earth Light Reiki is a journey to our Earth core or heart in which we step through energetically and awaken our Earth Light energy to encourage our own unique healing/channelling ability to awaken.  It is a deeply powerful experience and can create some quite dramatic shifts of consciousness – Earth Light Reiki not only brings a new quality of balance to your life and harmony with Earth it also guides you to explore your own inner master, inner teacher, inner therapist and empower your own life accordingly.


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Please click here to listen to our Earth Light Reiki Healing Meditation or watch it and receive a taster or reminder of the Earth Light Reiki experience.


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