The Twin Souls of Ascending Angels

18 years ago, Donna and I met.  We instantly felt a connection even over the telephone when I was inquiring about a workshop she was running.


Our original photo together.

The rest, you could say, is history… We formed Ascending Angels and were guided to record a variety of transformational meditations, to run workshops and I guess to be ‘bringers of light’ to the Earth.


It was an amazing journey and led us to host workshops in New York, Madrid, the Yoga Festival in France as well as in London and around the UK.  We performed on stage at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festivals in London and ran workshops there too.


At the same time, we were raising our families, supporting our husbands and balancing it all.  There were times of quiet and times of activity, yet through it all we were guiding each other, supporting each other, nurturing each other and I can honestly say that I do not think anyone on the Earth knows me as well as Donna does.


In 2012 my father was diagnosed with bowel cancer, it was a shock for the family and I took a step back from Ascending Angels to support my family and have time for myself.  Shortly after his diagnosis I found that I was pregnant with my 3rd child, she was born a year later.


At the same time Donna felt called to support her husband more with his business and so our work calmed and we just focussed on our meditations, still meeting regularly and being there for each other.


In 2015 my father passed away and one year later I felt called to return to work.  Less than one month later Donna shared some painful news.  She had be diagnosed with bowel cancer.  It was time for her to stop work, to step back and focus on herself, her healing.  In her words, there was no-one else she would rather pass her clients along to, she knew I would take care of them as she had always done, I was suddenly very busy.


Donna and Caroline visiting Stephen Turoff in London 2017.

We kept in touch and saw each other as often as we could, possibly not as often as we’d have liked yet energetically our connection continued to strengthen and I would send her healing energy often.


Donna chose to love her cancer, she said it was a part of her that felt unloved, wounded and needed healing.  She followed a variety of conventional and complementary treatments always listening to her inner voice to assess what was right for her.  She was so very brave and we all hoped that she would recover and bounce back as the energetic and dynamic Donna that we all knew and loved.


Unfortunately this was not to be the case.  Donna and I had a pure moment of divine truth, where we recognised our pure light connection only 2 weeks before she passed from this world.  It was such an amazing experience and we both knew that I would be there energetically to guide her through her transition, she released her fear and her path was clear.


On the 31st May 2018 Donna left her physical body surrounded by her family, her children and her husband.


Her family nurtured her during her last moments, they honoured her with a beautiful funeral and her memory lives on in her children.


Yet Donna is not gone. For me this experience has been quite profound and opened me up to a greater understanding of our spirit.  I felt Donna’s strengthening energetic connection each time I channelled energy following her passing.  One week after her death, I was woken at 2am in the morning to her intense spirit, I could feel her resistance to complete the transition, something was keeping her in a space of in-between, I could see her on a bridge, the light on the other side and her seeing it yet not wanting to walk into it.


At this time I could not gauge what was keeping her in transition, she connected with even more strength and I meditated with her spirit.  It was then that I realised our true connection, we are twin souls and therefore always one, always connected no matter time, space, realms, dimensions.  We simply are always connected and as dedicated as we have been in our live to bring light, peace and joy, we are still connected and living our mission even now.


The Twin Souls picture we were guided to commission in 2007. (artist Jan Hatch) – yep, me in the water. Doesn’t Donna look fabulous!

Through our twin soul connection I was able to ease Donna’s anxiety of completing the transition.  I opened my heart fully to her and she realised she would never be forgotten and I have promised to revive Ascending Angels, for us to continue to bring the light in whatever form that may be.


On Monday morning of 11 June 2018 Donna walked over the bridge and stepped into the light.  Our hearts merged as one, our connection eternal.  We see each other with even more clarity, I hear her voice at times and can sense her loving intention.  I do not feel loss, just simply pure love and an inner calmness I’m not sure I remember ever feeling before (not in this lifetime anyway).


I wanted to share this experience with you.  it may answer some questions you may have, it may lead to some questions which I am happy to try and answer.  It has been such an enlightening experience that I felt it needed to be shared and for you to know that Ascending Angels continues to be Caroline and Donna, our energy combined, our love, our hearts, one!


Our first recorded meditation following Donna’s passing. Please click on the image to listen.

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Special Earth Light Reiki Workshop – Friday 2 December 2011

Earth Light Reiki

Earth Light Reiki I & II Workshop

facilitated by Caroline

Channelled in 2010 from Dr Usui and the Ascended Masters, this new Earth Light Reiki explores the inner world of Reiki, providing a clearer understanding of light healing energy, where it comes from and how to channel it.

  • Experience the grounding energy of Reiki through the core light of Earth
  • Awaken and enhance your own unique healing abilities
  • Learn to channel the language of Reiki known as ‘Light Language’
  • Explore the sound of Reiki described as vocal tibetian bowls
  • Fully certified course with encouraging guidance and support

This workshop will incorporate Earth Light Reiki levels 1 and 2, for a powerful experience in channelling Reiki to your friends, family and also as a Therapist. Suitable for Therapists who wish to add Reiki to their treatments or for anyone who has received an energy attunement of any kind and wishes to explore the energy of Earth Light Reiki.

Date: Friday 2 December 2011

Time: 7.00pm to 10.00pm


Venue: Mardon House Healing Centre, Pinesfield Lane, Trottiscliffe, Kent, ME19 5EN

There is a direct train from London Victoria to Meopham station, if you require a lift from Meopham to the venue please email

Fee: £120 (concessions available on request). Advance booking only, non refundable deposit required of £35 to confirm space, please note spaces are limited.


Already have Earth Light Reiki One, receive a £30 discount off this workshop.


Book now by clicking here or visit

If you have any questions please email or call us on 01732 823811.
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20:11 Earth Light Activation Meditation Transmission

Meditation Evening with Caroline, Damian & Donna celebrating the final

20:11 Earth Light Activation Code Sequence Transmission

Sunday 20 November 2011 – London

7.30pm – 9.30pm

(can also be received distantly)

Divine Presence by Shekinah Melchizedek

There will be time to relax, meditate and prepare and before receiving the transmission at 8.11pm (20:11 in 24 hour clock)

Venue: Tulip Yoga Studios, London or Distantly in your own home.

In partnership with Damian of Shekinah Melchizedek. This is the final Earth Light Activation Code transmission.

Awakening our conscious connection to Gaia, this transmission can be received by either joining us in London or distantly in your own home. Transmission will be channelled at 8.11pm (20:11 in 24 hour clock) on the 20-11/2011. A very powerful experience, channelling a code sequence to upgrade our DNA and geometrical spheres to their highest potential, realigning us to the divine dreaming of Gaia.  

Recognising the Gaia awakening through our own being as we experience our own Gaia awakening, realising that wounds are simply an illusion created through current belief and that in truth we are whole and complete, that we are indeed an aspect of Gaia, we are Gaia, it is not she that is awakening it is we that are – to reach down to the very core of our physical being and recognise its Oneness with all on Earth, recognise our infinity through the cosmic birthing of time that in truth energetically we carry all life that has been and will come upon Earth, through the cells of our physical body and with the realisation of such we can connect with and experience these incarnations, these memories and bring into our current experience the wisdom, knowledge, the light of these previous/future incarnate experiences.

Breathing the One Heart of Gaia means that we accept the truth of One and realise we are physically/energetically connected/linked/one with everything not only upon the Earth but also throughout the entire Universe and beyond. Thus dissolving the concept of separation, releasing the illusion of separation and recognising all judgments are of the self, that when one loves one is loving the self, and so on….

Thus then the phoenix rises, cleansing all illusions that currently hold one in a state of separation, completing the eternal ring of light, for what has been will come to pass and what will be has already past. Allow thee to experience the joy, the laughter, the happiness and also the sad moments of this thy life journey upon Earth with heart open in anticipation of all that thee creates in wisdom that when this journey hath ended in the physical it will continue for all eternity in the essence of the light of Gaia.  

Tulip Yoga Studio,3b, 9 Park Hill, Clapham,London, SW4 9NS (10 min walk from Clapham Common tube)

Fee – £22.00 whether you attend or choose to receive this transmission distantly in your own space.

To book please visit our book now/workshops page.

Please confirm by email if you will be attending at the Tulip Studio, Clapham. If you would like to receive/attend this transmission and require a concession please email, thank you.

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Healing Meditation Sessions in Kent

Divine Healing Meditation – Sunday 9th October – 7.30pm to 8.30pm

With Caroline and Donna

Of Ascending Angels

Available- Kent and Distantly.


All welcome.

This meditation involves you lying down, relaxing and listening and connecting to the healing energy as guided through by Caroline and Donna.


On Sunday 9th October Lord Buddha will be descending unto Shambhalla to commence gifting tasks/roles/missions of thy divine core. Lord Buddha will remain in this residence upon Gaia/Earth for 33 days to complete and ascend on 11th November. These tasks are set for all who wish to receive them and on completion will fill your hearts with an expanded expression of love and joy, possibly even transforming your life.


To celebrate the descent and ascent of Lord Buddha and to consciously connect with and receive this transmission Ascending Angels will be facilitating a healing meditation on both the 9th October and 11th November at Mardon House in Kent.


Caroline and Donna will be creating a portal or bridge to aid conscious receipt of this transmission to all who wish to receive such, (you may have received an email from Shekinah Light on this, if you haven’t and wish to receive this transmission distantly please email Caroline) join us on the 9th to experience the expanding portal energy and see/feel Caroline and Donna working to aid Lord Buddha with this transmission.


Channelling energy from the Angels & Masters of Light.


Come and nurture yourself, feel uplifted, expand and surrender into a deeper place.


£12.50. £10 concs


Venue – Mardon House, Pinesfield Lane, Trottiscliffe, Kent. ME19 5EN.

To receive distantly email


We can arrange to collect you from Meopham Station, Kent at 7.06pm on Sunday, if you would like to come from London. The train to Meopham is from London Victoria. Please email Caroline if you would like a lift from Meopham –


To book your place contact Donna –


Please note new time of 7.30pm. We plan to start half an hour earlier than originally advertised.


Thank you

Loving Blessings

Donna and Caroline

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Forthcoming Earth Light Reiki workshops in Kent

Earth Light Reiki

Earth Light Reiki One & Two workshops

facilitated by Donna & Caroline

Channelled in 2010 from Dr Usui and the Ascended Masters, this new Earth Light Reiki explores the inner world of Reiki, providing a clearer understanding of light healing energy, where it comes from and how to channel it.

  • Experience the grounding energy of Reiki through the core light of Earth
  • Awaken and enhance your own unique healing abilities
  • Learn to channel the language of Reiki known as ‘Light Language’
  • Explore the sound of Reiki described as vocal tibetian bowls
  • Fully certified course with encouraging guidance and support

Earth Light Reiki One

A wonderful opportunity to experience and learn the basics of the new energy of Reiki. Fantastic for beginners this workshop explores your own unique healing gifts in a safe, encouraging space so that you’ll be able to channel this empowering healing light to yourself, friends and family.

Fee: £95 (concessions available on request). Advance booking only, non refundable deposit required of £35 to confirm space, please note spaces are limited.

Book now by clicking here or visit

Friday 30 September 2011

7pm – 10pm


Wednesday 12 October 2011

10.30am – 1.30pm

Venue for both dates: Mardon House Healing Centre, Pinesfield Lane, Trottiscliffe, Kent, ME19 5EN

If you have any questions please email or call us on 01732 823811.

Earth Light Reiki Two

Continuing the learning and growth following the Earth Light Reiki One. Expanding your techniques, exploring the sound and language of Reiki in a healing environment to develop your own unique abilities even further. A fully certified workshop after which you can channel the healing energy of Reiki as a therapist (professional insurance required).

Fee: £120 (concessions available on request). Advance booking only, non refundable deposit required of £35 to confirm space, please note spaces are limited.

Book now by clicking here or visit

Wednesday 16 November 2011

10.00am – 1.00pm


Friday 2 December 2011

7.00pm – 10.00pm

Venue: Mardon House Healing Centre, Pinesfield Lane, Trottiscliffe, Kent, ME19 5EN

If you have any questions please email or call us on 01732 823811.

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Bhajan (Sound) Yoga

Donna and Caroline bring you their latest inspirational creation.



Based on Kundalini Yoga, channelled with the etheric support of Yogi Bhajan and the Ascended Masters.

‘Yoga’ – To be United. When you unite with your soul and the One that gave you your soul.

Empowerment through the body using your own energy source to raise your self esteem and confidence.

Through “active” meditation, yoga postures, mudras (yogic hand postures) and mantras (old and new) you will be encouraged to experience your soul and voice your own sound current.

Free your soul, untangle the past, laugh, love and explore the more confident and empowered YOU!

6 week course commencing Monday 12th September 2011.

Weekly up to and including Monday 17th October 2011.

8.45pm – 10pm prompt.

£10 per class payable in 1 or 2 instalments. 12th Sept and 3rd Oct.

Bring mat to sit on, pillow, blanket and still drinking water.

Venue: Addington Village Hall, Park Road, Addington, Kent. ME19 5BQ.

2 mins further along the same road as the Seeker’s trust. Link to Map.


This experience is fantastic for all and is also wonderful to share with your partner; aiding in uncovering a deeper harmony between you !

Please contact Donna to confirm your attendance – 01732 823811 or email

“Each soul has a role to play. Each human has something to say. May consciousness prevail so we can come through the veil … to the joy and happiness of life. May we count our blessings to be beautiful, bountiful and blissful.” – Yogi Bhajan

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How to activate the crystalline workshop

I hope you are well and enjoying the beautiful sunshine.
I have been guided to facilitate a ‘how to activate the crystalline’  workshop on Sunday 22nd May from 10am to 12pm at the Light Centre, Belgravia, London.
This will be a private workshop with space for only 2 participants who will have the opportunity to learn about working with multi-dimensional energy bodies through the crystalline matrix.
For more information on the activate the crystalline workshop please visit this workshop is for therapists or experienced energy light workers.
The fee for this workshop is £150 which includes the Diamond Crystalline Activation Course that is essential before attending this workshop.  If you have already received the Diamond Crystalline Activation course then please deduct however much you paid from this course.  If you need to complete the Diamond Crystalline Activation please follow this link to book

A non-refundable deposit of £34 is required to confirm your space.  Please email me to reserve your space and arrange deposit payment.
If you have any questions please email me.
Donna will be available on this date, Sunday 22nd May, for private sessions.  Appointments can be made directly with Donna at
I also have one appointment space remaining for this date, to book please email me.
With love


Ascending Angels
Divine Energy Workshops & Transmissions

Become a fan on facebook or follow us on twitter.

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Diamond Crystalline Integration Transmission – 4th April 2011

Diamond Crystalline Integration Transmission

4th April 2011


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Ascending Angels.  This email focuses on the Diamond Crystalline Integration Transmission.

This is a really exciting transmission and positively life changing!

We have had so much fantastic feedback about the transmission in February and as it is the backbone to much of the future work including the Codes of Creation we feel it really important to convey how deeply nourishing and transformative this process is.

This is a new powerful distance transmission integrating and intertwining your crystalline matrix into your physical (Earth) and soul (Light) body so that you will be able to channel and receive energy multi-dimensionally whilst expanding your chakras into receptive energy portals.

A 7 day transmission with a following 21 day clearing/shift process you will receive instruction each day of the transmission commencing with a guided meditation to follow.

£111.00 or £77 concessionary rate (please pay whichever you can afford).

Please book here.



Feedback from the Diamond Crystalline Integration Transmission

“OMG how strong is that meditation, it knocked me out, I felt all this stuff leave my body and now I can feel I am clearing some old belief systems that have come to the surface. Thank you”

“Wow! Thank you so much for channeling that, it felt like pure bliss, all bonds and ties were taken and I feel held in the purist love.”

A channelled message about this transmission:


Activating the Crystalline Matrix of the body in order to transcend you into the essence of the One Heart presence. This transmission is blessed upon your Earth Light beings through your Earth Star in the name of the One Heart of all light-love, all presence of Ascension. The Ascended Masters whom converge within unto this energy transformation are blessed unto you through the realms of the Black Madonnas whom have contracted at this your Earth time to be present unto you.

This now the Diamond crystalline integration transmission comes forth unto thee on this date of the 8th of February and the 18th February and thereafter commencing on the 1st Monday of each of thy calendar months of Earth/Gaia.  Here now as we transmit unto thee the guiding information of this transmission of thy crystalline.

In this transmission we will call into activation thy crystalline form that lies dormant in thy genetic encodement, this crystalline body is activated through the interweaving of diamond strands of multi-dimensional threads of light.  Commencing at the heart, moving down through the body activating a new portal chakra, sacral, base, earth star, then rising up through thy form activating new portal chakras, link, solar plexus, thymus, throat, third eye, crown and soul star – completing on the 7th day the system is then repeated 3 times whilst thy form is given opportunity to adjust to this new multi-dimensionalism.  Thy chakras currently held in a state of crystal quantum will be activated into their soul purpose as multi-dimensional portals/gateways to the many dimensions of thy forms existence.

With this integration many rays of light will be channelled through thy form as thy crystalline is intertwined into thy meridians, thy blood veins, muscles, organs, skeleton, all aspects of thy body. Thy cleansing/energy absorption and release will occur on all aspects of thy multi-dimensional being.  Beloved you will be able to heal all layers of wounds concurrently.  This expansion will activate multi-dimensional knowledge of Earth Light, of Star Light and prepare thy body, thy form for the new awakening of the codes of creation a journey to fully embrace the One Heart into each and every cell of thy form – releasing all illusions of restriction, of less than love, embracing thy true essence of the One Heart, of Source, of God.

This crystalline activation is supported and guided by the collective of the Black Madonnas in union with the federation of the Ashtar, of the Ascended Masters of Gaia, of St Germain, Sanat & Venus Kumara, of Kumika, of Maitreya and Tara, of Sananda and Nada, of Cristala and Melchizedek of Shekinah and Anthykla, of Metatron and Satron, of Serapis Bey, of Pallas, of the Hathors and of the Divine Love-Light of all energy that is focussed at this moment on the guardians of Earth – through the inner kingdoms of Earth Light, of the Oceanic, of the Faery, of the Delvic, of the Crystal, of the Elemental, the Inner and Outer Realms of Earth.

Breathe now and breathe deep 7 times in through thy mouth and out through thy nose, breathe into thy navel and feel thy heart – can you hear the calling to awaken the crystalline unto thee, please follow this guidance whatever it may be.

In love and light we bless thee – we are One.  The Collective of the Black Madonnas


If you have any questions please email

We hope you enjoy this transmission.

With love   Caroline & Donna



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Amazing Divine Mother Transmission – Special Spring Mothers Day Offer – Sunday 3rd April 2011

Hi Everyone,

We hope you’re enjoying all this beautiful weather!

To celebrate the coming of spring we are offering a fantastic life enhancing transmission to aid your personal process of transformation.  It’s focus is to help unblock any elements that are holding you back and help you radiate your personal divinity.  We are getting so much positive feedback from all of the work we are doing that we feel inspired to spread the word and to bring as much of the teaching we are channelling to as many people as possible!

Divine Mother Worldwide Distance Transmission

Sunday 3rd April 2011 (Mother’s Day)

10pm GMT, London, UK

SPECIAL OFFER ONLY £10 (usual value of this transmission is £33)

“Hi, thank you, I loved the transmission and the meditation truly speaks deeply to my heart – I can feel the love of the divine mother pouring out of the words into my ears, my heart and my soul. Truly truly beautiful.” K.A. London

This transmission is suitable for all, it will help your inner child clear old, painful memories and adjust your inner child behavioural patterning bringing it to its highest vibration.

The Divine Mother will come forth on Sunday 3rd April at 10pm GMT, London, UK to all who wish to receive wherever you may be in the World to share this her love and light.

Here now dear child of light that I wish to come to you to shine my light and hold you in my arms so that you may feel my presence and unconditional love, so that you may trust me and open your hearts, your bodies for true unconditional love healing.  My wish for you is to embrace you into my presence and be as ONE with you so that you too may feel, experience the power and freedom of unconditional love.

Let me then cleanse your body of the memories of your ancestral patterning in which you have felt and experienced neglect, denial and controlled, limited love – you need to do nothing dear child but open to me and accept my love, my healing light so that you may step forth into the world anew, as ONE once more.

Let me also connect you once more to Gaia, so that you may feel her embrace also and her loving light, reminding you that you are Earth-Light, you are ONE.

Blessed be dear ones, blessed be to you – in heavenly love and light – Divine Mother of the ONE Heart.

You will receive a link to a guided channelled meditation that will aid the receipt of this transmission together with a mantra to follow for 14 days following this transmission.


To book please visit if you have any questions please email thank you.


Recent testimonials following Divine Mother:

“This transmission is extremely soothing and comforting, and it opens my heart.  It is a relief to be able to hand my inner child over to Divine Mother for nurturing and healing!  I often put this on continuous repeat to play while I sleep…”… C.H. California.

“Hi, thank you, I loved the transmission and the meditation truly speaks deeply to my heart – I can feel the love of the divine mother pouring out of the words into my ears, my heart and my soul. Truly truly beautiful.” K.A. London


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The Conscious Love Experience

Treat yourself this Spring Equinox to a

Conscious Love Experience

Sunday 20th March 2011

Heart warming , relaxing, releasing, empowering, surrender into your wholeness……..into the love that you are… all that you came here to be… your purest form of Divinity………

There is very little to do, it is so simple and yet so perfectly beautifully effective, allowing love, witnessing love, being love…Love is all….

Liz Bylett and Caroline Sharp invite you to join us for a new experience in conscious love.

At – The Cedars, Meopham Court, Wrotham Road, Meopham Kent DA13 0AA

From 7.30pm to 10pm

Fee £15 payable in advance (credit/debit card) book online now at

The Conscious Love Experience focuses on opening your heart centre to allow a deep, pure, unconditional love to flow.

Held in a safe, energetic space free of rules, judgement and control where you are guided to let go of your anxieties and explore the infinity of your love energy.

Here you are seen as whole, complete and perfect, the illusions of flaws and wounds dispelled.

Here you are encouraged to accept all of those imperfect perceptions of your personality, of your body as perfect illusions of light, and love them.

Here you are encouraged to truly forgive all that you deem as something other than love, than light.

The process is simple, the effects powerful.

Experience pure love and together we will create Heaven on Earth – the Power is within You.

For more information or to book with cheque/cash payment please email or contact Liz on 07796695906 or email

Our guided message

With open heart we call unto thee Beloved as we shine our light upon thee and encourage thy heart to expand and open with unconditionality. Allow thy mask of personality to unveil and let thy beauteous soul light to shine forth. Allow thy truth to emerge in an embrace of the purest perception of love-light. We are One.

Here in this space we call to thee and shower thee with the pearls of divine wisdom that are held within the core of thy imagined form. Here in the essence truth of thy creation we empower thee to open thy heart and breathe the light expanding, allow thy love to expand through thy breath and encompass all of thy form, with the next breath release thy image of thy form and allow a true expression of simple light formation to replace the body image. See the beauteous rainbows of light shining, twirling, expanding, vibrating and within these cells of light the formation of geometrical spheres that hold these together into a physical/light form.

Now breathe love through thy heart core, feel this love, this pure unconditional divine love and allow it to expand. Slowly with each breathe allow the love to energise thy form, let the love for thee embrace and nurture thy existence as now images of discomfort, of disillusionment, neglect and judgment are brought forth for thee to accept now in this expanse of love, to forgive, accept and harmonise through thy imagined form and as thee explores this concept of pure and utter unconditional love let thee now focus thy opened heart on those closest to thy life journey and explore the perceived difficulties enacted in this relationship in order to now bring acceptance for these perceived flaws, acceptance with love, unconditional love recognising now this aspect as a reflection of thy own internal battle of denial, grief and neglect to now accept all of these perceived flaws as the beauteous perfection that thy divine form in actualisation is.

We are One Beloved, our light shines through thee for we are only separated from thee through the divine dreaming of the Earth journey. Breathe now and accept thy divine mastery.

With blessings of the One Heart.


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