Ascending Angels was created in 2000 by Donna Swan and Caroline Sharp.


Offering a wide variety of enlightening, cleansing experiences Ascending Angels channel empowering light energies to unlock codes of wisdom and clarity from within thus creating a clearer, happier, more harmoniously balanced self.


Through their continuous dedication to their own inner growth and light expansion, Ascending Angels found themselves forerunners for many new waves of Divine Light attunements, transmissions and meditations.


In May 2018 Donna completed her journey here on Earth and transitioned to a new light dimension, she is our Ascending Angel, Caroline continues to connect with Donna energetically and together they will be creating more guided energy transmissions for you to experience.


All of our Ascension Healing and Archangel Healing Ray meditations are available to purchase on all major web players, such as Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, etc.


We are currently adding many of our powerful meditations and healing experiences to SoundCloud so that they are available to you for free. Please subscribe to our SoundCloud page to be kept up to date with our recordings.


We welcome donations to help us continue to record and share our meditations freely with you.

We also have our original Ascended Master and Archangel Healing meditation albums available to download from major web players such as iTunes, Amazon, Google-play and Spotify. As well as our 13 month courses for you to subscribe to.


If you would like to discuss how Ascending Angels can help you please email us at: – or call Caroline on 07875 992408.

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