Donna and Caroline

Donna and Caroline

Welcome to Ascending Angels created in 2000 by Donna Swan and Caroline Sharp.

Ascending Angels offer a wide variety of enlightening, cleansing experiences by channelling an empowering light energy to unlock codes of wisdom and clarity from within thus creating a clearer, happier, more harmoniously balanced self.

Through their continuous dedication to their own inner growth and light expansion, Ascending Angels find themselves forerunners for many new waves of Divine Light attunements, transmissions and meditations.

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Ascending Angel

Please read about us to hear more about our journey with the Ascended Masters and the Archangels, all of our meditations are channelled and include an attunement to raise your energy vibration and strengthen your connection to the Divine.

Working with quantum energy, DNA, genetic coding, emotional release, geometrical spheres and the crystalline matrix Donna and Caroline raise your body’s vibration to a clearer balance of Earth Light harmony.  Using skills such as toning (Light sound) and speaking various light languages together with healing energy to shift the cells of the body to release and let go raising one’s awareness to the concept of compassionate heart and the power of One.

Introducing Earth Light Reiki, channelled from the Ascended Masters and Dr Usui to you by Caroline and Donna of Ascending Angels.  A beautiful new concept of Reiki healing energy suitable for all. Empowering, enlightening, awakening, inspiring. Visit for more information.

Watch our Earth Light Reiki Healing Meditation Video… enjoy.

We now offer a variety of online energy, healing and meditation courses so please do peruse our online courses page for more information or book yourself a personal 1 to 1 healing session with Donna or Caroline.

If you need any help choosing let us know.

If you would like to discuss how Ascending Angels can help you please email us at: – or call Donna on 01732 82 38 11 or Caroline on 07875 992408.

Watch our Angelic Meditation ‘Letting Go’ video below

or see it direct on YouTube –

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